Other Home Inspector’s Insurance

Errors and Omissions insurance is an important component in a home inspector’s figurative toolbox, but there are several other types of insurance that a home inspector should look into in order to make sure he or she is as fully protected as possible.

Commercial General Liability Insurance

General Liability insurance is another way to protect your assets should you cause bodily injury and/or property damage while performing a home or building inspection. A classic example of a General Liability claim is if an inspector’s ladder falls and hits a person or object, causing damage. As a home inspector, you are your own business. It’s important to protect yourself and your assets by ensuring that you have the best, most extensive coverage available to you.

Worker’s Compensation Insurance

Worker’s Compensation Insurance can make up the difference for any lost wages and medical expenses incurred and when you are injured on the job. This kind of insurance ensures that you are not held responsible for any medical expenses you encounter from being injured during an inspection. The insurance would also protect you from having to go to court to obtain compensation (the way you would in a Personal Injury case).

Bonding Insurance

Normally referred to as simply “bonding,” this type of insurance protects against loss caused by negligence, fraud, or dishonesty. It means that if something goes wrong with an inspection as the result of another person or company, you and your business will be protected.