Throughout the industry, home inspector insurance rates are becoming lower and more affordable; however, many carriers are raising their rates on their loyal, paying customers.

At Elite InspectInsure, we are committed to our clients. We are constantly striving to offer the most up-to-date, varied coverage we possibly can without raising our rates. Our home inspectors work hard, and we believe that they deserve personalized coverage for their work without paying an arm and a leg.

Lawsuits Against Home Inspectors Can and Do Happen

While a home inspector may simply be doing his or her job, lawsuits can be brought up for all kinds of different reasons. Recently, a family in New Jersey sued a home inspection company after their newly purchased home turned out to have unstable flooring, a leaky roof, and bad wiring. The case settled for $37,000. Given the fact that more than half of home inspectors are sole proprietors, this kind of lawsuit can be devastating. That’s where e&o insurance for home inspectors comes in.

Discounts Given For:

  • Accredited Association Memberships
  • Education Participation
  • Holding Additional Licenses (electrical, contracting, plumbing, HVAC, industry relevant)
  • Software Use
  • Technology/Equipment Use (Cameras, etc)

Our E&O Insurance and General Liability Insurance Policies

Errors and Omissions Insurance for Home Inspectors- Cost of E&O Insurance- EliteMGAE&O Insurance – An errors and omissions insurance policy will provide your company, your employees, and you with protection against lawsuits or claims that are based on omissions or mistakes made in your inspection which resulted in financial damages for the client. The policy can even be prepared to provide protection from fees charged by attorneys or a settlement amount if you are determined to be guilty of an error or omission. Learn more about e&o insurance here.

General Liability InsuranceClick here to learn more.

Home Inspector Insurance Coverages:

  • Termite/WDI – Damage to a home caused by insects or termites that is discovered after the report is completed, this coverage can be added to extend to these services for properly trained inspectors
  • Commercial – Inspect a commercial building rather than a home, limitations may apply where
  • Radon – Testing for radon gases, whether it’s due to your device malfunctioning or some other margin of error
  • Lead Paint – An older home still contains lead paint in some capacity and you miss it during your inspection
  • Pool/Spa – A home you are inspecting has a pool or spa, and your inspection fails to uncover issues in the pool’s decks, steps, interior finish, cleaning system, diving boards, or other features
  • EIFS/Stucco – You inspect a home built with exterior materials that are prone to moisture, like EIFS or Stucco, and there are errors in your testing
  • Indoor Air Quality Testing – Air samples are taken in a property and sent to a lab
  • Green Building Inspections – Inspecting for energy efficiency
  • Infrared Thermography – Infrared technology can help you immensely with your home inspections, and these services can be added to extend to these services for properly trained inspectors
  • Rodent Inspections – If there is rodent damage in a home, or signs of an infestation occur after an inspection, coverage can be added to extend to these services for properly trained inspectors
  • Mold – Air samples are taken in a property and sent to an approved lab to determine if mold is located, coverage can be added to extend to these services for properly trained inspectors
  • Septic/Water Testing – Water and septic systems vary in complexity, and specific coverage can be added to extend to these services for properly trained inspectors

Our Home Inspector Program Highlights

  • Over 20 years’ combined experience insuring home inspectors
  • No excessive agency or broker fees
  • “A” rated, admitted insurance carrier
  • Excellent claims management with specialized legal counsel
  • Flexible payment options

How Much Will an Elite InspectInsure Insurance Package Cost You?

Prices for home inspector E&O insurance will vary based on specific factors. The policy can be tailored to your specific businesses needs and services offered, including:

  • A variety of deductibles options from $1,500 to $10,000
  • The total dollar amount that will be paid for each liability type, from $100,000 to exceeding $1,000,000
  • Selection of specific services offered by your company

See details about the coverage requirements for your state.

It is a given that people, as well as companies, will make mistakes. In order to protect you and your company against any type of error or omission it is necessary to have a good insurance policy in place to provide protection against mistakes made by your workers or yourself.


Ive been in the home inspection business since 1998, EliteMGA is by far the best E&O / GL carrier I’ve ever dealt with. If you’re wise, you’re going to sign with EliteMGA.

John Weaver

As a home inspector EliteMGA was recommended to me by many of my peers. Everything has been great thus far and customer service is always prompt, friendly and knowledgeable. Luckily for me I have not had any claims filed but feel good knowing they are there for me.

Brandon Hedgecock

This company makes Home Inspector’s insurance affordable. When starting a business it’s costly enough. They are very professional and friendly as are their representatives. Would highly recommend them!

Dabby Doodle

I use Elite MGA for my new home inspection business and they have been great. The rates are competitive and the service is outstanding. Anytime I have a question, or need assistance Niccole from EliteMGA is there to help….

Mike Kuehnl

Best coverage for Home Inspectors. Great service and cost!

LDG Home Inspection, LLC

When you have a question or a problem Eiipro either knows the answer or gets you the RIGHT answer. Any error and omission insurance company is only as good as the person you deal with, that is why I deal with Eiipro and have done so for years.

Michael DelGreco

Ben and Dave are great to work with. They have always been a call away and went to bat for me when we had a claim. They are also my agents for our home, auto and other lines of insurance.


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