Do you know? What happens if I let my friend borrow my car and they get into an accident? How much liability coverage is right for me? How much “dwelling” coverage should I have on my home and how can I be sure it is enough if there is a total loss?

We currently represent a variety of “A” rated companies and can generate competitive rates across a number of unique markets. You are entitled to a number of discounts on your home and auto insurance through Elite InspectInsure. We represent home inspectors in numerous financial matters and are one of the most trusted agencies through which to get insurance for home inspectors.

Home Inspector Discounts on Auto Insurance, Homeowners Insurance, and more!

How can we help you today to be come an “Elite” policy holder today?

Click above to download the Elite MGA Insurance program personal insurance application form. Upon completion of the application form, please fax it to 877.559.0487.

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The Elite Advantage

The Elite Advantage is a no-cost and completely turnkey employer sponsored benefit program that offers your employees an exclusive discount on their personal auto and home insurance. This program’s striking distinction lies in Elite’s breadth of products. While other Home Inspector insurance companies may be able to provide a similar offering, the majority are captive agents who are limited to that one company’s product line, giving employees only one choice at carriers. We are proud to represent a variety of A.M. Best “A+” rated insurance companies to offer to our Home Inspectors, assuring both high quality and financial stability.

There is a direct correlation between the quality of a company’s benefit package and their ability to attract and retain talented employees. With The Elite Advantage program your company has the unparalleled ability to offer an additional benefit to your employees at no cost to the company. Your current and future employees will take pride in the fact their company offers access to a professional insurance organization at discounted rates.