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It is important to answer honestly and calmly display your expertise to alleviate unnecessary anxiety. At Elite InspectorInsure, we understand that it is hard enough to be an expert in your field, but having to “sell yourself” adds another layer of difficulty to the situation.

There are many articles and posts published to aid consumers in hiring a home inspector.  But, there is very little information online to help home inspectors find the right clients.  One key concept this post will focus on is understanding why people seeking home inspectors are asking specific questions before they schedule an inspection.  

When a potential client interviews you and asks about your skills and quality of work, it’s important to set yourself apart from other inspectors and provide them with trustworthy assurance in your expertise and experience. Be sure to answer these types of questions honestly and concisely to alleviate any uncertainty as to whether you are the person for the job. After all, this is probably the biggest investment most people make in their lives and they are instilling considerable trust in you to help them. At Elite InspectorInsure, we understand that it is hard enough to be an expert in your field, but having to “sell yourself” adds another layer of difficulty to the situation.

Questions Home Inspectors Can Expect to Be Asked from Their Clients

Questions Asked to Home Inspectors- Home Inspection Questions- Elite MGA

  • What sets you Apart from other Home Inspectors?

What is most important to homeowners and banks? Accuracy and thoroughness. It is also important to underscore that you have a great response time. Are you a member of any state or national home inspector associations? What designations have you acquired?

  • Did an Earlier Career Provide you with Helpful Inspection Experience?

This is your time to shine. For most home inspectors, this was not the first career choice. Explain to your client where you have gained your experiential experience and your academic experience. It is important they understand the value you, as an inspector, bring to the table.

  • If you Discover Issues that Require Repair or Replacement, Do you Recommend Vendors?

This is a discretionary response. Our suggestion is to have 3 or 4 recommendations that the client can vet themselves. This will alleviate anxiety for the client, to know you can recommend certified contractors that can help fix their repairs. Remember, these vendors must be insured as well.

  • If the Vendors you Recommended are Hired, Do you Benefit Financially?

We do not recommend ever receiving financial incentives from your preferred client list. It always creates the fear that you are merely recommending vendors solely for your gain. Again, you are trying to alleviate anxiety, and this will only increase uncertainty and distrust.

  • Do you carry Errors and Omissions Insurance? What does it Cover?

Of course, in most states, there is a minimum coverage requirement. For example, in Pennsylvania inspectors are required to carry no less than $100,000 per occurrence, and at least $500,000 aggregate. Selecting an insurance company such as EliteMGA that specializes in the home inspection insurance industry will help you better manage your risk.

  • Will you Email a Redacted Copy of a Recent Home Inspection?

Yes. If there is a request for a copy of a home inspection, a redacted copy can be sent out that will exclude personal or private details.

  • Do you Perform Listing or Pre-Sale Inspections? If so, Do you Re-Inspect for a Buyer at the time of a Sale?

Explain your business model, and what services you offer as a home inspector. Potential clients will want a breakdown of services, prices, and perhaps even a sample of a home inspection so they can better understand the process.

  • Who at your Company Performs the Physical Inspection?

Oftentimes, the potential client was referred to you by either a real estate agent or bank. They do not know your company size or anything about you. An introduction to the home inspector may help to put the client at ease, and they can also answer any additional questions regarding the inspection that the client might have. If an introduction is not possible, make sure you mention the home inspector’s credentials and experience.

  • Do you Physically Access the Roof to Check the Various Inspection Points? If the Roof is too Steep, or Snow-covered, How do you Inspect it?

This is dependent on your service offerings. If you have already explained what particular services you offer, then you probably won’t have to worry about this question. If the client is concerned about the weather as a factor in the home inspection, however, you can set their mind at ease by divulging details of how the home inspector will work around inclement weather conditions.

  • What are Homeowners Looking for in a Home Inspector?

Homeowners naturally want to see the sale move forward, so they want the inspection to go by without a hitch. Obviously, major faults or repairs can’t be foreseen, but a seller wants the process to go as smoothly as possible. Homeowners are looking for a home inspector who is bonded and insured to prevent any hiccups or potential legal issues. This is where insurance for home inspectors really comes in handy. The homeowners will also want to know what a typical inspection includes, how long it will take, and what the total cost will be. Many sellers will also be interested in accompanying the home inspector, so make sure that it’s clear whether or not this is possible. Finally, just like home buyers, the seller will want to hire a home inspector that comes with good references, so make sure that you have some on hand for clients.

  • What are Home Buyers Looking for in a Home Inspector?

Homebuyers want to find a home inspector that they can trust and who will work in their best interests. This is where credentials and word of mouth will come into play for a home inspector. It can be helpful to have a list of referral clients available to give to potential home buyers. Also, you should ask prior satisfied customers to refer you on sites like NextDoor and Patch, where potential homebuyers will be searching for information about the community that they are interested in.

  • Congratulations! You have won the Job! Now what?

Once you have won the contract, you need to ensure that you are completely covered so that you can do your job effectively. Make sure you are covered by comprehensive insurance for home inspectors. By insuring yourself, you know that you will be safe on the job and you can work without fear of injury or litigation. In addition, obtaining insurance for home inspectors reassures your clients that they won’t be at fault for any accidents that occur during the course of the home inspection. Contact EiiPro to learn more about our insurance for home inspectors.
This article has been updated for 2020 and all information is current.