Dave Moncavage: Chief Underwriting Officer & Program Specialist at EliteMGA

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Dave Moncavage, EliteMGA’s Chief Underwriting Officer and Program Specialist has worked in the home inspection industry since 2007. He originally served as an intern and has since established various key relationships throughout the industry helping to understand and insure home inspectors.  Prior to joining Elite, Dave received experiences from all across the board, from managing restaurants to cleaning high tech medical testing facilities.
At EliteMGA, Dave touches each accounts from beginning to end by analyzing the exposure and determining appropriate pricing, coverage options and state by state compliance.  He is the back-house for Elite’s E&O program for home inspectors and has played a significant role in growing the business.  Dave travels to various trade shows and association education courses or seminars to meet inspectors, answer detailed questions and better understand this particular home inspection industry. 
Outside of insurance, Dave enjoys to spend time at the beach with his wife and 3 year old daughter. From boating, to skiing on the slopes, adrenaline and speed are the focus of his enjoyment.

Dave Moncavage

Chief Underwriting Officer & Program Specialist at EliteMGA

[What attracted you to Elite MGA?]

Insurance is a tricky industry so the specialized focus on home inspection insurance, specifically E&O/Errors and Omissions, really attracted me to EliteMGA and Elite InspectInsure.  I have always had a serious interest in real estate and business liability, so finding a career dealing with both at once was an amazing fit for me. 

[Any key relationships you’ve helped build?]

In 2007, I had no relationships at all in regards to the home inspection industry, but over the years I have positioned myself and EliteMGA to work side by side with some of the most polarizing and recognized faces. I currently work with the national associations, attorneys, education providers and software companies to offer their customers exclusive discounts on coverages. 

[How do you stand out from other brokers?]

Not only is it a corporate promise, but also my personal goal, to provide the best customer service, coverage and pricing to our customers. We are ahead of the game on this, for the mere fact that EliteMGA makes 90% of the decisions in house. This ensures for the best turnaround time possible, within hours, compared to days with the others. We also stand out by having a driven focus on the home inspection industry, and understand the exposures of your company better than the average agent or broker.