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Meet Ben Garrison, EliteMGA’s National Program Director. Ben has served at EliteMGA since April 2013 and has over 11 years working with home inspectors across the country helping to manage their risk through various insurance strategies.  Prior to joining Elite, he worked as Vice President of Sales for FREA, located in San Diego California, which was a major provider of E&O insurance to home inspectors and real estate appraisers during that time period.
At Elite MGA, Ben functions as our liaison to all franchises, national home inspector trade associations, and other home and building-related inspection organizations.  He is the frontline sales person for Elite’s E&O program for home inspectors and has played a significant role in growing their business since he came on board.  His core business principles revolve around outstanding service, vast industry knowledge, integrity, and being an honest, straight shooter with his clientele to gain their trust and cultivate long-term relationships.  He spends a lot of his time marketing and selling the E&O program to prospective clients but also counseling his insureds when it comes to potential claims, industry liability trends, and other matters related to risk.
Born and raised in Newark, Delaware, Ben Garrison graduated from Lynchburg College in Virginia in 2000 with a BA in Political Science. His first job out of college was as a technical recruiter for Aerotek Scientific in Boston where he excelled in placing highly skilled professionals in the biotech/pharmaceutical/clinical fields.  In July of 2003, Ben was recruited by the Zutz Insurance Group/Willis of Delaware, now USI Insurance Services, to work as a Life & Health broker for local businesses but also a provider of insurance benefits to his next employer, FREA, in San Diego, California where he currently resides.

Ben Garrison

National Program Director

[What attracted you to Elite MGA?]

When I originally met with the principals at Elite in 2013, there was a mutual realization we shared the same growth vision for a successful home inspector E&O program.  Not only was I impressed with Elite as an organization, but also their carrier relationships and product offerings.  Absent a a good product for this particular market, it’s a very tough sell regardless of customer relationships.  Not only is our program the best one out there, we have a long-term vision that is predicated on the quality of our clientele rather than the quantity.

[Any key relationships you’ve helped build?]

I think the relationship building over the years has what’s made us a major player in this industry.  Partnering with Nick Gromicko and InterNACHI was something Nick and I had talked about for years and we finally got to a point where it made sense to create an exclusive insurance program for that association.  On a smaller, personal level, I’ve developed great friendships with many of my customers over the years.  That, to me, is what makes me really enjoy what I do for a living.

[How do you stand out from other brokers?]

I think Elite’s customer service, expediency, efficiency, product offering and knowledge, and our integrity are our best attributes.  There are other good brokers out there I’ve gotten to know well over the years and consider them my friends.  Our industry is somewhat unique in that sometimes I rely on competitors to get policies in place but other times I’m competing with them for the business.  Most of the major players in this industry have a mutual respect for each other which is nice and not something you see every day in this line of work.
If you’d like to contact Ben Garrison, please email or call at 800-355-1185 ext. 205