• Avoiding Summer Home Inspection Dangers

    While winter can pose some specific dangers to a home inspector, summer is the time of year with the most hidden dangers that can pose a risk to safety and wellbeing if they are not prepared. Here are some of the biggest summer home inspection dangers and ways to avoid them. The Heat One of […]

  • The Differences Between General Liability and Errors and Omissions Insurance

    Even seasoned home inspectors can be unaware of the nearly infinite number of hidden dangers in a home that can wreak both financial and physical damage to homeowners and occupants. Regardless of how thorough their inspection, it is the home inspector that will be held accountable for the fallout from not identifying and reporting the […]

  • Why Choose Elite InspectInsure from EliteMGA?

    Why should you choose EliteMGA’s Elite InspectInsure program for your errors and omissions insurance? Contact us today, or click here to get a quote!

  • We are Currently at the Inspection Conference in Las Vegas!

    For more than 20 years, the Inspection Conference has been one of the biggest inspection events in the country. Tons of industry professionals discuss everything a home inspector needs to build a successful business, including marketing, networking, building a brand, and more. The inspection conference also features classes taught by experts from across the country. […]

  • Inspector Services Group Power User Conference 2014

    Many people in the home inspection business are familiar with home inspector conferences, but are not familiar with the home inspection business owner conference held annually by our friends at the Inspector Services Group! The conference received a great response from last year’s attendees, and this year there will only be space for just over […]

  • Understanding Your Home Inspector E&O Insurance Policy

    Every home inspector understands that it is imperative to have E&O insurance coverage to protect them and their business. The challenge comes in having an understanding of that E&O insurance policy so that the inspector knows what he is protected against and what he is not protected against. Errors and Omissions (E&O) is the insurance […]

  • Items Every Home Inspector Must Have

    Home inspectors face a broad and varied number of needs in terms of performing a thorough home inspection. It is true that currently, there are no industry-wide mandated items that they must have to perform their job safely and thoroughly from a physical and legal standpoint. The existing truth that trumps that reality is that […]

  • Chinese Drywall is Still an Issue in Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Alabama in 2014

    At this point, virtually every home inspector has heard of the contaminated Chinese drywall that is causing havoc in homes built during the housing boom between 2004 and 2007. What many may not realize is that this is still an ongoing problem in thousands of homes in Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Alabama. For home inspectors […]

  • Be on the Lookout for Critters During Every Inspection

    The presence of wildlife in a home’s basement, attic, or elsewhere is something that all inspection personnel should be prepared for. In order to perform the best inspection possible, inspectors should know what signs to look for in the case of all variety of common and not so common animals that can invade a home. […]

  • Grow Your Home Inspector Business in 2014

    Becoming a professional home inspector sets you on the path for a lucrative career. Once you’ve set up shop and insured against claims that could potentially take a devastating financial toll, it’s time to get proactive about building your home inspection business. Marketing can seem like a scary—and costly—prospect, but it certainly doesn’t have to […]